Kim Lockman is a lifelong, largely self-taught artist who began her artist’s journey as a small child drawing horses on the back of napkins. Over the years, this journey evolved into a lifelong pursuit of artistic excellence by portraying subjects with detailed accuracy while injecting her own unique style into each piece. She attended Montana State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Her work can be found internationally in private and corporate collections, as well as numerous galleries. Kim is frequently commissioned to create personalized artwork and has a diverse background in Western themes, landscape, portraiture, and wildlife.
“I’ve always found solace in the beauty of animals, landscapes and the rural way of life. So, it only makes sense that those are the subjects I primarily turn to in my paintings.  Art has always been at the core of my being and I revel in the magic that happens when a blank canvas transforms into something that fills the viewer’s heart with joy.”
-Kim Lockman

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