I want to take you on a journey, experiencing the story! … His head tosses wildly, the sun glitters across the stallion’s muscles, hear the wind whip, hooves dancing in the dust… Capturing that sparks the magic in my soul! Black ink on white clay—a million, or more scratches and the stallion emerges with power and grace. — I believe the essence of every living thing whether it is people, horses, dogs, elk or grizzlies speaks to those who listen — a gentle touch of a cold nose, the pounding of hooves, or a growl in the wild… just listen and feel… will you do that?

Linda is a multi-talented artist who works in a wide variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, and scratchboard. Finding scratchboard was like putting the last piece in a puzzle – all the artistic challenges and endeavors came together – it satisfies the perfectionist – but at the same time —what has to be culled out. Heavily influenced by the light, color, and forms of the western ranch life – both in terms of the land, animals and its people, Linda’s work expresses her reverence for animals as powerful and stunning creatures. As an artist, she is a keen observer, she is best known for her large works – most of these depict the magnificent beauty of the horse.

Linda Short was selected by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to be their 2019 Featured Artist throughout the nation. “Challenge Accepted” by Linda Short will be auctioned off at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s annual banquets across the United States.  

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