Dawn L. Sievers Art

My art reflects my awe of God’s creation, especially Montana’s folded rolls of prairie, blue haze mountains, majestic wildlife, and warm-hearted people. The juxtaposition of ancient Asian silk dying, with its vibrant, intense color, against the traditional western themes of Montana, create an exciting, unique blend of contemporary and conventional themes.

Although Dawn was born in Santa Clara, California, with time spent in New Mexico and Idaho, she has lived in Montana 35 years. Hispanic culture influenced her passion for color, while Montana furnishes inspiration. Studying with Jean Price at UGF, she realized silk painting allowed her to combine traditional themes with vibrant color.

She has taught Spanish, English, and Art for 23 years and has been married for 30 years to Duane with three children: Chad 29, Eric 26 (Casey), and Sierra 15. Overall, she believes art provides an eternal conversation between the artist and the viewer, which is magic.

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